Marking Technology

Hidden great significance of small marked characters

It is often heard that product meets performance and functions although it has no marking on it. However, why do we need to spend time and money on marking?

We think that marking is needed for production management, quality control and manufacturing history management (traceability of the products, and it has another value apart from performance and functions.

We place importance on the great significance that is hidden of small marked characters.

Therefore, we develop a seemingly simple work of marking system including management after shipment and suggest to apply the system to every product in every manufacturing industry

The carving group in our manufacturing division lies in the product line requiring high skill, such as marking for registration, fine characters, and carving on high hardness steel, difficult-to -machine materials.


We invest traditional technique of hand-carved on advanced equipment NC for required high-precision manufacture to meet customers' demands.

Traditional human technologies to NC device with craftsmanship and effciency.   Side by side with NC device, hand down the skills of burin to young technicians

Our mechanical-designdivision has worked on high-precision and man-hour reduction of 3D CAD design. The 3D CAD has a structure analysis software "FEM analysis" built-in.

The designed equipments which merged with late developed tools made reputations for handy, high precision, high durabiliry from a wide range of our customers.

Our electric-design division has designed program for all control equipments of customers.

We early recognized necessity of stamping character recognition and inspection, and develed the system which is not affected by ambient light and reflection to complete in-process "character recognition" "stamping depth measurement" and "missing character detection".











   Three-dimensional prior confirmation for intersection parts by 3D CAD




  Use "FEM analysys"for measuring deflection. We pursue to merge "compact"and "high rigidity" all the time



 The 3D sensor is high-performance, available to use as an inline sensor. it performs until qualiry check in process, and becomes to lighten the burden of character inspection , and to abolish designated works.


We share the customers' demands in sales department, design department and engineers afer we have received inquiries.

Also we come up with ideas for marking, and help to solve customers' difficulties.

Colaborate with manugacturing department's engineers that visit the customers and communicate directly when delivering. We manufacture the equipments that customers are satisfied.