PCM Broaching Tool

          A somewhat different design of cutting tool that can achieve the irregular hole or outer profile of a broach is called a rotary broach or wobble broach. One of the biggest advantages to this type of broaching is that it does not require a broaching machine, but instead is used on lathes, milling machines, CNC machines

          Rotary broaching requires two tooling components: a tool holder and a broach. The leading (cutting) edge of the broach has a contour matching the desired final shape. The broach is mounted in a special tool holder that that allows it to freely rotate. The tool holder is special because it holds the tool so that its axis of rotation is inclined slightly to the axis of rotation of the work. A typical value for this misalignment is 1°. This angle is what produces a rotating edge for the broach to cut the work piece. Either the work piece or the tool holder is rotated.


          Founded in 1969, PCM WILLEN SA company has won an excellent international reputation in manufacturing tools of high quality and precision. It is represented on 5 continents in most of industrial countries through exclusive agents and representatives. Its reputation grew over the years, encouraging the company to carry out its development and complete its program according to the machine-tools evolution.

Type of Activity

          Throughout these years, the spirit of innovation, experience and comprehensive know-how of its employees, have driven the company to apply for many international patents and provide appropriate tools to meet the market needs.


          For many years our designers and engineers have used a powerful Solid Works 3D CAD/CAM system for new product development. Solid Works is a robust parametric solid modelling software features based, for creating solid components, building assemblies and producing fully documented production drawings and photo realistic renderings.