ALCOOL - Strong Alkali Water Generator


                  ALCOOL is next generation of cutting fluid which is used strong alkali ionized water!  It has high effect for strong penetration, anti-rust and antiseptic.  It has so many case experiences to make tool life longer. This fluid is used for not only cutting but also grinding. The life of fluid is also last much longer than usual coolant by strong alkali water effect (over pH12) You can save cost and environment. “Eco-friendly & safety” Strong alkali water is made from generator named ALC-NEWS. This water has effect of strong detergency and cooling too. It’s really useful water for manufacturing.

ALCOOL is coolant name which is made from coolant additive *1+ ALCOOL water*2 .
*1=This coolant oil can be mixed with strong alkali ion water   *2=This water is made by generator of ALCOOL generator.

This effect has been not only cutting and grinding but also so many kind of manufacturing.
ALCOOL water has strong detergency and strong effect of cooling
The following explanation is for this strong alkali ion generator 『ALC-NEWS』.