Axial head provides 3 rolls behide the front-plate inside of the head. It is  for rolling the thread with inputting the work-piece from front-plate side forward shank side. The head always moves parallel to the work-piece's axis while processing.
          The head processes thread one by one from edge face. So, it gives only little load onti the machine and work-piece. And it dose not regulate the length of thread as far as its diameter is smaller than the internal diameter of the shank.
          The Feed (F) is always wqual to Pithch (P) of the thread., no matter how the Revolution is.
          1. F type:      Basic head for Lathe machine, the work-piece must turns
          2. G type:     Compatible head for machine center, adaptable to both way of "head-turning" and "work-piece turning
          3. R type:     For the big size threads 


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