B2 / FL / KF

          The new B2 marks the start of the new QUICK / SWAROVSKI OPTIK from knurling tool jproduct line. The B2 form knurling tool is based on the tried-and-tested. extremely stable A2 concept with a dovetail guide between the shank and the tool body, which minimises vibration and masimises the service life of the knurling wheels.


• The B2 tool sets a new benchmark for flexibility: – The B2 form knurling tool can be used in variety of different ways. Not only can be used as left and right-hand tool on the main and sub spindle of CNC controlled and conventional lates: it can also be used with one knurling wheel (e.g. straight knurl) or with two knurling wheels (e.g. cross knurl)

• Maximum stability:
– The tool bodies used int the B2 setis are mounted using backlash free surface clamping.
– The vibrations caused by the machining process are reduced and can be dampened more effectively which prolings the service life of the knurling wheels.
– Please note that, due to the nature of the form knurling process, despite the QUICK dovetail guide, form knurling tolls always create morE Vibrations than the cut knurling process.         


•  Reduced need for stock thanks to extreme versatility

• Quick and easy to change the knurling wheels thanks to simple removal and fixing of the terminal strip via an excentre.

• simple and precise fine adjustment of the tool body at the shank via eccentric clamping.

• The integrated coolant unit cools the knurling wheels simply and effectively, helping to maximise service life.

• Compact size

          B2 tools are compatible with all current conventional and CNC-controlled lathes.




B2 20 x25 P712-0265
B2 25 x 25 P712-0266
Type of knurl straight / spiral / cross / diamond
Workpiece Ø  150 - 250  mm
Shank  20 x 25 / 25 x 25    mm
Shank length 80 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Knurling wheel Ø Ø  25  mm
Wheel pitches 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 /1.0 / 1.2 / 1.5

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