QUICK KNURLING WHEELS are made on state-of-art tool maker lathes to the highest degree of precision. They are heat treated in electronically controlled hardening plants and subject to a constant quality control process.



QUICK knurling wheels used for cutting are made form powdered metal to guarantee a maximum service life.

  • longer service life
  • lower setup costs
  • lower tooling costs

Optimal service life thanks to Q-DUR®, TIN & TICN coatings and plasma nitration.

The service life of knurling wheels essentially depends on the raw materials, knurl tooth geometry, intended application, cutting speed, cooling etc.

However, service life can be prolonged by subjecting the raw material to additional treatments.

The QUICK Q-DUR® coating is offered as standard on all knurling wheels. This PVD coating with a microhardness of 3300 HV helps to create knurled surfaces of a high decorative quality and guarantees a longer service life in the machining of high-tensile materials.

TIN & TICN coatings and plasma nitration can also help to prolong service life and are available on request.

Testing is recommended to find the most appropriate treatment for your particular intended application.



Our form knurling wheels are made from HSS.



Catering to individual cuatomer requirements calls for expertise and flexibility. For this reason, special pitches and dimensions are available to our customers on request and in consultation with our specialist.


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