Diamond Burnishing Byte



* Finishing the surface into the mirror without chip!!
* Easy operation same as byte!!
* Applicable for all kinds of material less thann HRC 70 !!
* Realize the omission of grinding process from production line !!

Features of diamond burnishing 
1) Mirror finish with just one-pass

  • withpassing as a byte, Finsh the 8Rmax cutting surface into 3Rmax mirror Fininsh
  • Easy to manage the size dimension with it's precise diameter "0.01 ,,."

2) Improvement of surface

  • Thedeforming effect brings high durabiity and corrosion resistance to the component's surface.
  • The compression causes the hardening process and better the hardness of surface. 
3) Wide applicable scope
  • Applicable dimension: Outer / Ø1mm ˜ 500 mm, Inner / Ø15 mm ˜ 300 mm.

4) Low Running-cost

  • Made with a diamond tip, it keep good for more than 10,000 meters in processing length.

5) Can be used wuth the general turning-centers easily

  • Independent from the stabiliry of machine and chuck.
    (with it's processing spring mechanism, processing force is 1/5 or less of cuttng.)


          This is similar to the byte improved than the conventional burnishing tool  to customer request. Surface finish, the other is a conventional performance.

How to order

  1. Please specify right and left hand (R,L)
  2. Please specify the direction of contact (A,B,AB)
  3. Please specify the approaching angle of tool use.
  4. Please inform about material spec and angle of component;s surface.
    (To arrange the proper tension)
    * We also support other non-standard items.
    Examples: Bowling byte (inner diameter of Ø11 ˜ Ø 500)
              V-groove side processing, O-RING grooved processing