Production Counter System

Production Counter System Mango See'D


  • Higher management by “MIERUKA” MIERUKA = visualization              
  • Show time of Proceed/Delay
  • Power assistance by inside battery
  • Easy installation due to compact body
and MORE
  • Centraized control with MangoTree
  • Wireless LAN available (option)


Process Monitor System  Mango Tree

  • Centraized control all Mango See'D
  • Realtime monitoring Act/Stop
  • Detect abnormal such as network down



  • Show progress in chart (history available)
  • Showing history such as alarm,blackout
  • Remote update of TARGET/CycleTime
  • Export data, Making report (option)
  • SmartPhone/Tablet usable (option*)


*Cloud contract required for using on outside the company