Mist  Collector / Oil Mist Removal / FILTERMIST

            Oil mist or oil smoke arise when metalworking fluids are used to either cool metal workpieces or lubricate parts and tools during the operation process. Oil mist needs to be captured to protect your staff’s health, create a safe work environment and extend the lifespan of your machinery and tools. Plymovent offers system solutions to control oil mist in any work environment.

          Stop Oil Mist Pollution – Cost Saving

  •  Workmen’s Compensation Claims - Decrease workmen’s compensation rates from claim
  • Government Regulations - OSHA and NIOSH limits on airborne Permissible Exposure Limit(PEL) is 5 mg/m3 for 8-10-hours workshift, expected to be stricter in the future.


          Stop Oil Mist Pollution - Benefits

  •  Improved Employee Attendance - Lower worker absenteeism & Higher morale
  • Less Machine Downtime - No fouled contacts in electronic equipment, Less downtime
  • Higher Speeds and Feeds - Able to run at Higher Speeds & Feeds, Increase productivity
  • Better Lighting - Bright, cheerful environments improve employee morale & improve performance

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