Why Choose Filtermist

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Why Choose Filtermist?


Filtermist is the number one choice for oil mist removal.

  1. 40 years experience in the design and application
  2. Global distribution network covering 40 countries
  3. Preferred supplier to many multinational organizations
  4. Wide range of oil mist filters, with airflow from 180 to 2700 m3 per hour
  5. Constant high efficiency for oil mist removal up to 99.5%
  6. Multiple mounting options on all models for easy installation
  7. Compact & lightweight
  8. Quiet & energy efficient due to it's minimized motor operation
  9. Low Cost maintenance
  10. Meets worldwide occupational health and safety standards OHSS

Benefits of Filtermist

     • Compact

     • Quiet

     • Efficient

     • Reliable

     •Light weight

     •Flexible mounting options

     • Easy to install

     • Easy to maintain

     • Low investment

     • Truly global support

     • Over 40 years experience


  • Special drum pads assist coalescing process CENTRIFUGAL UNITS The Filtermist centrifugal Oil Mist collector • drum with specially designed vanes rotates a...

  • FX series • Multi cycle • Multi voltage • Flexible mounting options • Designed for use on larger applications S Series • Multi cycle • Multi voltage • Direct ...